10 Things You Should Know About The Jeep Gladiator


The Jeep Gladiator hit the market in 2020 and has gone on to be one of the most successful models released by the Jeep brand in recent history. It combines all the iconic traits of the Jeep Wrangler with the incredible versatility of a pickup truck.

With plenty of competitive power and size for its class, the Gladiator also stands out as the only convertible truck available. Let’s take a look at ten things to know about this popular truck.

Top Five Things to Know About the Jeep Gladiator

1 – The first thing to know about the Gladiator is that it’s an excellent off-road performer. If you want a truck that can do what the Wrangler can do off-road, then you should look no further than the Gladiator.

2 – One of the top reasons for buying a pickup is towing ability. The Jeep Gladiator is very competitive in its class for towing ability. It can tow up to 7,650 pounds when properly equipped. This is more than the Wrangler and adds to the Gladiator’s versatility.

3 – The Jeep Gladiator offers neverending customizability options. Not only are there tons of factory options for the Gladiator, but the aftermarket list is also incredibly long. Your Gladiator can easily be one of a kind.

4 – One thing the Gladiator is not, is a fuel-sipper. You should know when buying the Gladiator that it’s not the most fuel-efficient rig out there. For the best fuel economy, while towing or hauling, you should opt for the diesel engine, which gives you 22 MPG in the city and 28 MPG on the highway.

5 – Although the Jeep Gladiator has enough power for most applications, it’s not going to surprise or excite anyone with its acceleration. However, the Gladiator does have a satisfying low end that helps it in the city and off-road.

Five More Things to Know About the Jeep Gladiator

6 – You should probably know that no one buys a Jeep Gladiator, or Wrangler for that matter, for the comfy ride. Even with the longer wheelbase in the Gladiator versus the Wrangler, the ride is generally choppy and stiff on any surface.

7 – The driving dynamics of the Jeep Gladiator may not be the prettiest, but it does excel in the braking department. The brake feel is sharp and sure-footed, which makes it easy to feel confident on and off-road.

8 – Even though the Gladiator demonstrates good build quality with its crash scores, it doesn’t offer much in the way of extra safety or driver-assistance features. You can get some of them in optional packages, but little of it is standard.

9 – Believe it or not, the Gladiator has a pretty impressive interior for the segment. A rugged dashboard combined with other quality materials throughout makes the Gladiator look more upscale inside than you would expect.

10 – Finally, the Gladiator’s Uconnect infotainment system is easily the best in the segment. It’s intuitive and easy to use, which is what most people want.

Should You Buy a Gladiator?

Now that you know the nitty-gritty details about the Jeep Gladiator, should you buy one? If you like the Wrangler and understand its appeal, but you want a truck, then the Gladiator is likely the perfect truck for you. For those more neutral on the Wrangler’s appeal, the Gladiator is still a good buy for the segment.

It has a competitive towing ability, a fun look, and it’s pretty hard to beat off-road. However, the Gladiator only comes in 4WD. If you have different needs in a pickup truck versus the off-road set, you might want to look elsewhere.

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