Rally Master Ken Block Has a Sweet E-Tron RS GT

Rally Master Ken Block Has a Sweet E-Tron RS GT

The world’s most famous drifter and Rally champion has an impressive Audi E-Tron RS GT to drive every day during his new series.

This car isn’t your ordinary version, although the RS GT models of this car aren’t ordinary to start with. The version Ken Block drives is unique to him and is the star of his new six-part video series entitledElectric Fleet. You wouldn’t expect someone at the level of Ken Block to drive around in something stock, and that’s precisely why we are interested in this new car that he’s using for his series.

This Car Could Show Up in a Star Wars Movie

The Audi E-Tron that Ken Block drives wears a matte white body wrap with black trim. Others on the set with him for the show say it looks like a stormtrooper from Star Wars. The wheels are one of the most interesting areas of the car. Ken allowed fans to pick them out and put one set on the front and another on the rear. The rear wheels are six-spoke NGO models, while the rear wheels are turbo-style Aerodic wheels. The car has a roof carrier where Ken stores his snowboards and boots when he takes this car up to the mountains.

A Strange Mechanical Feature for Ken Block

You never expect this Rally master to drive anything with a stock powertrain, but that’s exactly what he’s doing. Of course, this powertrain is the one that powers the e-Tron RS GT, which is pretty special in its own right. A dual-motor electric powertrain gives this vehicle 590 horsepower and 612 lb.-ft. of torque. The system can push 637 horsepower to the wheels for quick bursts of speed and power as needed.

With this system in place, the stormtrooper Audi can rocket to sixty mph in 3.1 seconds on the way to a top speed of 155 mph.

Can You Buy the Same Car

You might not want to shell out the money to have the Audi e-Tron RS GT you buy customized the same way as Ken Block, but you could. This car is built and sold at Audi dealers across the country. The price you’ll pay is close to $142,400, but that is what you can expect when you’re buying a unique luxury car with amazing electric power.

What is the E-Tron GT RS?

This new Audi is an all-electric sedan that gives sportiness to the Audi EV lineup. You’ll find the benefits of Quattro AWD and a five-passenger four-door layout that brings you plenty of power for the drive. You don’t have to go to the RS version of this car, but it’s highly recommended. The e-Tron GT gives you 522 horsepower, while the RS can scream out 637 ponies for short bursts of real speed.

Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll have an electric car that’s a lot of fun to drive. You could drive yours around where you enjoy the fun on the road and then sit back and watch the latest Ken Block video special.

Check out the Audi Cabin on this EV

Technically, this is a five-seat car, but you’re better off limiting the occupants to four in the Audi e-Tron RS GT. When you do this, everyone has a comfortable place to sit with plenty of room. The driver’s seat is where you find all the gadgets and gizmos you want to enjoy, including a digital gauge display, touchscreen infotainment controls, and clear menus. Admire the 3D navigation system that shows you what to expect when you’re going somewhere unfamiliar to you.

Feel the Comfort of the Right Suspension

This car isn’t a hardcore performance machine, but it can be. Instead, this is a car that offers a ton of power as a daily driver. Your family of four can feel comfortable and pampers while riding around on any road. Thanks to the adaptive air suspension, very few of the blemishes on the road ever make it inside the cabin. This feature makes the e-Tron GT RS a speed machine that you can live with and enjoy every day. Take this car wherever you want to go and feel the smooth luxury quality of the drive.

Braking the Way You Desire

The Audi e-Tron GT RS has a driver-selectable regenerative braking feature. This allows you to decide when you want to have the regen system adding power to the batteries and when you want to handle the braking yourself. You might want to save energy and driving distance which puts the regen system in play, but you also might want to blow the doors off your neighbor’s loud muscle machine, taking the regen out of the equation. It’s nice to have a car that’s smart enough to give you both ways to perform this simple task.

Go on an Adventure with Ken Block

The start of the YouTube clip with Ken Block seeing his new Audi is when he tells us he hasn’t driven it yet. This means we get to go on the adventure of discovery with him and learn as much about this car as he does. Near the end of the introduction video, he drives this car out of the garage. That leaves us to wonder what the Electric Fleet video series will contain. Will we get to go on a tour with his family? Are we going snowboarding with Ken in the Utah mountains? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

A New Partnership has Formed

Last year, Ken Block signed a partnership with Audi to bring more videos to us with Ken driving electric Audi vehicles. The company is building him an Audi S1 E-Ton Quatro Hoonitron, which will be a high-performance EV. This car will be the star of the next video in the series of Ken Block’sdrifting and driving features. Instead of calling the next series Gymkhana, as he has done for many previous video releases, it will be called Electrikhana because Ken will drive an EV during the filming.

Will you tune in and watch Ken Block in the new Electrikhana or Electric Fleet series? Are you going to head to your local Audi dealer to buy a new e-Tron GT RS? Maybe seeing Ken in his will inspire you to buy one of your own.

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