2022 Ford Ranger vs Ford Maverick: Which is the Better Truck?

2022 Ford Ranger vs Ford Maverick: Which is the Better Truck?

The Ranger and Maverick are both mighty trucks, but they have some critical differences that can make one stand out over the other. For example, do you prefer a larger bed or a fancier cabin? Is entertainment something that matters to you in a truck, or would you choose more power? How much would a used Ford Ranger or Maverick sell for?

Here we give a breakdown of the essential differences between the Ford Ranger and the Ford Maverick to help you decide which is best.

Power and Fuel Efficiency

The Ford Maverick has a 2.5-liter hybrid four-cylinder engine that can give it as much as 40 mpg in the city. With a standard horsepower of 191 and the ability to tow up to 4,000 pounds, the Maverick is certainly no slouch in terms of power.

The Ford Ranger has a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that gives it 21 mpg in the city. It can tow as much as 7,500 pounds and has 270 horsepower, a significant increase from the Maverick. It’s also a bigger and heavier truck, allowing it to perform better as a work or off-road vehicle.

Technology and Safety

Modern trucks have power, but they also have luxury in the form of state-of-the-art technology – the current models of the Ford Maverick and Ranger are no exception. Standard features for the Ford Ranger include a backup camera, anti-theft system, WiFi hotspot, power steering, brake assist, daytime running lights, and more.

The Ford Maverick has all these standard features and many more that are optional for the Ranger: child safety locks, a second-row bench seat, a hands-free communication system, A/C, keyless entry, steering wheel controls, and more.

Pricing and Design

The MSRP of the base Ford Maverick model is listed as $19,995, while the MSRP for the Ford Ranger’s base model is $25,500. That makes the Maverick the cheaper of the two, but it’s essential to consider how their differences impact their price.

The Maverick is a compact truck designed for luxury, comfort, and style rather than functionality and power. The Ranger has a more spartan interior design because it’s focused on might, towing, and off-road capabilities.

Ford Ranger vs Ford Maverick: Who Wins?

It’s hard to say which of these great Ford trucks is better overall because it depends on what kind of lifestyle you plan to use them in.

For someone that wants a powerful work truck with guaranteed safety and more towing capability, it would be better to get a Ford Ranger. For someone that wants a smaller luxury vehicle with a lot of tech and good gas mileage, the Ford Maverick is the way to go. Factors like features, environmental impact, price, and functionality can all affect opinions on which is the better truck.

So keep in mind the different benefits each truck has when looking for a new or used Ford Ranger or Maverick!

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