Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity-banner

When you get behind the wheel of your new GMC Sierra 1500, it gives you the connectivity and data services you want. This feature wasn’t something you had to pick when you bought the truck; it came included, sort of. The previously optional OnStar Connected Services plan is now standard fare on all GMC and Buick models for 2022 and 2023. This added benefit is now built into the MSRP of your vehicle, adding between $905 and $1,675 to the price. Considering the cost of cars today, this added price isn’t that much at all.

Before You Get Upset, The OnStar Plan is Worth the Price

You might think it’s perfectly fine to drive around without using the OnStar features of your truck or SUV but having them at your fingertips is certainly with this added cost. The price added to your vehicle is for a three-year subscription to the Premium Plan for this feature. The connected services give you a remote key fob, Wi-Fi hotspot, and OnStar safety services. The Wi-Fi hotspot feature is worth the price by itself. This item brings you the benefits of in-car connectivity that everyone in the vehicle can use.

More Internet Means More Need for It

It’s possible that we could eventually have free Wi-Fi everywhere in the world because literally everything will be connected, but until that time, we have to pay for these services. More vehicles are adding items, including Maps+, Alexa Built-In AI Assistant, and streaming functions. You want access to these features, and that comes through this new connected feature. It’s helpful to have Wi-Fi when you use your GMC Sierra 1500 for work. This added functionality turns your truck into a mobile office where you can stay connected during the workday.

Which Buick Vehicles Will Have OnStar Connected Services?

Buick Encore GX

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity-Buick Encore GX

The Encore GX is one of the smallest premium SUVs on the market. Adding a bit more functionality to this little SUV makes it easier to enjoy. The OnStar service doesn’t take up space and allows this SUV to be useful and enjoyable when you’re on the go. The Wi-Fi hotspot keeps you connected so that your passengers can help you find a great place to eat or the path you want to take without using their phone data. The Encore GX is filled with Buick quality and comfort.

Buick Envision

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity- Buick Envision

Stepping up to a compact SUV from the subcompact size of the Encore GX brings you to the Buick Envision. This is an SUV that delivers impressive levels of comfort and quality for your drive. This SUV is more competitive in its class with the OnStar Connected Services. The remote key fob feature is something you’ll want to show off when you show up with this beautiful SUV at your friends’ house. That’s only one aspect of what makes the electronics an added benefit to consumers that will love to drive the Envision every day.

Buick Enclave

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity-Buick Enclave

If you’re shopping for the three-row Buick Enclave, there’s a good chance you have a large family to take along for the ride. Let everyone stay connected during your road trip. With the OnStar system, your kids and their friends can connect to your system and never hit a dead spot where cell phone data isn’t present. Your time going to and from activities is much more peaceful and enjoyable when everyone can watch their videos, connect with friends through social media, and enjoy their games while out on the road. Keep everyone happy and entertained during the drive.

Which GMC Vehicles Benefit From This New OnStar Inclusion?

GMC Terrain

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity-GMC Terrain

Going from smallest to largest in the GMC lineup, if you want a small SUV with some impressive ruggedness and premium features, the Terrain is what you want to drive. This little SUV is easy to enjoy, but wouldn’t it be great to have connected services that provide vehicle reminders to you? Thankfully, this is another of the models that will have the new OnStar package for three years. You’ll know the health of your Terran and what it needs from you to make sure it continues to run well every day.

GMC Acadia

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity-GMC Acadia

If you want an SUV that’s a little larger, the midsize Acadia is the perfect choice for you. This SUV delivers a versatile, family-friendly presence on the road and makes your driving experience more enjoyable. When staying connected is important to you, this SUV helps you have the right experience from behind the wheel every day. Set up your connected services to aid you in finding your next destination, the place you want to go for dinner, or to stay connected with friends while you focus on the road ahead. These are just a few things this OnStar package offers.

GMC Yukon/Yukon XL

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity-GMC Yukon

The biggest SUV in the GMC and Buick lineups is the GMC Yukon. This big SUV is a premium full-size model filled with upscale features and qualities you’re sure to admire. Why not add connectivity to the mix. The fact that you have three rows of passengers and everyone wants to be connected should be enough of a reason to select the OnStar system, but now you don’t have to. For three years, you’ll have a peaceful ride when you take the crew to the lake in your Yukon. It’s probably a foregone conclusion you’ll want to renew after three years.

GMC Trucks

Your New GMC and Buick Models Deliver Standard OnStar Connectivity-GMC Sierra 1500

That’s right, the GMC Canyon, GMC Sierra 1500, and GMC Sierra HD trucks will all include this impressive connectivity service. Whether you use the truck for your daily job or you pull a travel trailer around the country, you’ll find the connectivity of the OnStar services to be extremely useful. No need to worry about getting lost, finding the right playlist, or when someone needs to get online to look something up. All of these things can be done with ease without using any cell phone data. Encourage your travel companions to bring their devices and get connected to your truck to enjoy a full experience.

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