Chevrolet Mulls Compact EV Pickup

Chevrolet Mulls Compact EV Pickup

The compact EV pickup being considered by GM right now would make the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 look like a giant. GM has stated clearly that it will be going all in on EV models by producing an EV model to appeal to every buyer. This includes SUVs, pickups, crossovers, and luxury models. Part of GM’s expansive plan is to make affordable EV models that will start under $30,000.

Affordable EV Models For Everyone

Currently, GM offers the lowest-priced EV available–the Chevy Bolt EV. This compact EV starts at $26,000, but GM plans to release many more affordable EV models. The Chevy Silverado EV is already in the works, and it’s expected to feature an available 400 miles of driving range and an output of 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque. The basic work truck model is expected to start just under $40,000, but that’s not much different from a regular Silverado.

Paying $50,000 or more for an EV truck is not in everyone’s budget, so that’s why GM has plans to release an even more affordable EV truck with a compact design. Reports of this concept show that the new truck looks futuristic and sporty.

Revival of Small Pickups?

There’s no doubt that in the last several years, trucks on the market have gotten bigger and bigger. The compact, two-door, 2WD, basic cab pickup is long gone. However, the demand for compact pickups is still there, which is why older models of these trucks do well on the used market. GM’s idea to bring back a compact pickup in EV form may well be genius.

The EV pickup in question reportedly features two doors, a low roofline, and a short four-foot bed. The director of Chevrolet’s affordable EV and crossover design department said that GM plans to listen to customers for the final product. The current design might be too small and it’s possible that the final product will be larger.

Market Gold

A compact EV pickup from GM would likely be very competitive on the market. The North American market has moved away from compact pickups in recent years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the demand is gone. Trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the Ford F-150 may dominate the sales share, but smaller trucks are gaining momentum. For example, the new Ford Maverick’s sales are up by 460% this year.

There are already several large trucks available for EV buyers, including the Rivian R1T and the F-150 Lightning. More large trucks are coming soon, but a compact EV pickup might hit a niche that is mostly unfulfilled right now.

More information on the potential new EV pickup from GM could be coming soon, but right now the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 EV is the main electric truck to look forward to from GM.


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