Top 5 Mods for the Toyota 4Runner

Top 5 Mods for the Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner has been a venerable off-roader for years and with some modifications, you can take your 4Runner further than ever before.

Toyota’s 4Runner has been with us since 1984, and quickly established a name for itself as a rugged and dependable four-by-four. Now in its fifth generation, the 4Runner’s adventurous spirit is still in full swing. Along with its trailblazing prowess, the 4Runner also enjoys popularity as a family SUV, allowing for safe travels across all types of terrain. However, with some well-chosen mods installed, the 4Runner becomes an off-road dominator.

Suspension Lift

One of the most important modifications for an all-terrain vehicle is a suspension lift. It allows for an increased ground clearance, which in turn will allow you to cover more rugged and hilly terrain with a decreased risk of damaging the vehicle’s underside. Typically, the most popular size for a suspension lift on 4Runners is four inches.

Larger Wheels and Tires

When paired with a suspension lift, larger wheels and tires allow for even greater ground clearance. Another big advantage of this mod is the type of tire tread typically found on large off-road tires, which usually consists of a much more knobby and durable construction than regular road tires. With the upgraded tires, slippery mud or sand can be better dealt with to keep you moving. Consider pairing the four-inch lift with 35-inch tires to maximize off-road performance.

Deep Water Snorkel

Water is the bane of an engine’s existence, just a small amount getting in during an all-terrain excursion can wreak havoc on your motor and potentially cause irreparable damage. Thankfully, a solution exists. A snorkel, which usually mounts on the passenger-side A-pillar, connects to the engine’s air intake and locates it well above the engine. Now, when you’re wading through deep water, you won’t have to worry about damaging that reliable Toyota engine.

Upgraded Skid Plate

Most off-road capable vehicles come standard with some type of skid plate that will cover the front differential and transmission. A fatal flaw of these stock skid plates is they often leave things like trans cooling lines and fuel lines exposed, along with a litany of other electronics. Installing a larger and more robust skid plate can prevent damage to these integral parts, especially when you’re testing out that new lift kit over some jagged trails.

Roof Rack

You couldn’t think of a worse situation: You’re rockers-deep in a muddy trail when suddenly you blow a tire. Because you’re bottomed out in the mud, you can’t reach your stock undercarriage-mounted spare tire. With a roof rack, you could relocate that spare to the roof, along with some handy tools like shovels and off-road ramps.

With these five mods, you can blaze any trail with confidence, and at the base of your mods is the ever-dependable Toyota 4Runner. Which mod sounds best for your off-road needs?

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