Depreciation is Something to Consider in Your Car Purchase

Depreciation is Something to Consider in Your Car Purchase

Depreciation is an important factor in your vehicle purchase, especially if you know that you’re going to want to trade it in later.

When you’re looking for the next new vehicle for you to drive for your daily commute, the errands you need to complete, and the family road trips you’ll want to complete, you need to consider many factors in the purchase of this new vehicle.  With that in mind, these are the vehicles that depreciate the fastest over three years, which is simply information you need to consider during your purchase.

Audi A6

If you’re driving this large luxury sedan, you’ll want to make sure you know that the car loses 53.3 percent of its value after only three years. This is a car that can be easy to love with its luxury qualities and the driving manners that make sense for you. If you choose the A6, making it a long-term relationship and keep this car for a long time.

Cadillac CTS

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that luxury cars are on this list and the Cadillac CTS is one that will lose 53.8 percent of its value after three years. If you love the style, the features, and the power offered in this impressive sedan, you’ll be ready to keep it and drive it for a long time, which you’ll need to do in order to let the depreciation catch up.

BMW 5 Series

The middle of the BMW car lineup offers you a sedan that looks amazing, drives with the manners you want, and offers you the roomy cabin that makes you comfortable. This car also loses its value at a rate of 53.8 percent after only three years. Choose the 5 Series, but make sure it’s a car you feel you can love for a long time.

Kia K900

The singular luxury car that wears a Kia badge is one that we shouldn’t be shocked at having a high depreciation rate. This car will lose 54.4 percent of its value after only three years, making it a car that can be great to drive but needs to be kept for a long time. Stick with the maintenance schedule and give this car extra care, it’s going to be yours for a while.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The only thing rarer than a used luxury car is one that’s a hybrid. For this reason, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid loses 54.4 percent of its value after only three years. That won’t matter when you fall in love with this Lincoln and appreciate the way it works to save you money at the gas pump so that you can enjoy the drive for as many miles as you want.

Cadillac XTS

Here’s a smooth and elegant Cadillac that has a quiet and refined personality that you appreciate in a luxury car. You’re going to want to enjoy this feeling for a long time because after three years this car will have lost 54.5 percent of its value. No matter, keep on driving and let the XTS take you where you want to go in pure luxury Cadillac style.

Jaguar XF

As a rare car that we see only a few of, the Jaguar XF is one that you’ll want to show your family and friends around for a long time. This car is offered with a reduction in value that reaches 54.8 percent after only three years. Feel the quality and the significant difference that’s offered in this Jaguar that you can experience every day.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Smooth, elegant, and sophisticated are all ways for you to see how this midsize luxury sedan can work for you. You’ll love the look, admire the power, and be amazed by the technology included in the E-Class. It’s a good thing this car will capture your attention in the way it will because it will have a depreciation loss of 55.4 percent of its value after only three years.

Lincoln MKZ

Get behind the wheel of this midsize luxury sedan and feel the comfort and quality items that Lincoln insists on what we want in a luxury ride. The ride is excellent, the features are amazing, and the look is astounding in the MKZ. You won’t mind the fact that it depreciates at a rate of 55.6 percent after three years because you’ll keep it for a long time.

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