This New Cadillac Escalade is Supercharged and Sounds Amazing

This New Escalade is Supercharged and Sounds Amazing

It sounds great, but the Hennessey employee behind the wheel couldn’t put the new Cadillac Escalade through its paces.

This had nothing to do with what the vehicle could or couldn’t do, we know the Hennessey team can get the job done, and we often marvel at what they happen to bring to the mix. No, instead, the employee in the driver’s seat had to take it easy on the big luxury SUV because the person who bought this specially-made vehicle was sitting next to him. Talk about pressure and a desire to get out of the seat as soon as possible.

Amid the Tension, the Beautiful Sound was Found

Even though the Hennessey representative in the driver’s seat was probably tense during the drive, he was certainly able to show off a little of what this specialized Escalade has to offer. With the straight-line performance on his mind, the driver showed off the amazing guttural sounds this over-the-top Cadillac was ready to offer. This impressive SUV uses an amazing stainless steel cat back exhaust system to give the sounds that we love to hear when a powerful vehicle is riding by.

Is this an Exorcist Cadillac?

Anyone familiar with the Exorcist name knows that the name belongs to the Chevrolet Camaro that has the HPE upgrades to give it insane levels of power and performance. Could this version of the Cadillac Escalade also wear the Exorcist name? Maybe.

Not only does this SUV bring in the exhaust system mentioned, but it has a 2.9-liter high-flow supercharger, intercooler, and air induction system to bring more power to the engine of this amazing SUV. Added crankcase ventilation, chrome pushrods, and the engine calibration that only HPE can offer in the HPE650 package.

The team at Hennessey is adding this package to Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon Denali models from 2018-2020 that are powered by the 6.2-liter V8 engine. The addition of this HPE650 package increases the output from 420 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque to 650 horsepower and 658 lb.-ft. of torque.

Adding Badging to the Mix

To go along with the performance upgrades of this new Escalade, Hennessey also added their logo to the exterior and interior to ensure we know this is a vehicle that’s been tuned up by this amazing team. The badges are found on the body, headrests, and engine bay as that necessary reminder, but once you get behind the wheel, no reminder will be needed to let you know the kind of SUV you’re driving.

Not Ready for an Exorcist Version of the Escalade? Check This Out

When you’re not quite ready to have your Cadillac Escalade upgraded with the Hennessey package, but you want to enjoy the posh luxury of this iconic SUV, you’ll want to see the models offered at your local dealer. Let’s talk about some of the qualities you’ll find when you see the Escalade on the lot that hasn’t been given the Exorcist treatment.

The thought of an Escalade is exactly what this amazing SUV is and what it brings to your drive. You’ll find a large, imposing, upscale SUV that has incredible luxury in the cabin and plenty of power for your drive. When you open the doors to this SUV, the first thing you’ll notice is the large 38-inch curved OLED screen which gives you all of the information and controls you want during your time in this SUV.

A Much Smoother Drive Awaits You

The latest version of the Escalade drives much less like a truck than previous versions. Thanks to the new independent rear suspension, you’ll have a smooth ride in this SUV, even when you don’t have the optional Magnetic Ride Control system included in the suspension. You’ll be glad to have the smooth powertrain with a ten-speed automatic to give you the right shifting when you’re out on the road.

Not only will you have a smoother ride with the new suspension, but there’s also more room in the cabin for you to bring gear with you in this SUV. That means you have a bit more cargo space in the regular version while the Escalade ESV is longer than the regular model, this added suspension setup gives the ESV version more cargo room as well.

No Corners Were Cut

When it comes to the interior comfort you’re looking for, the Cadillac Escalade brings it for you. Check out the amazing leather upholstery, impressive design, wood trim, metal accents, and the large screen that gives you the technology and information you need. You’ll love the fact that this SUV comes with standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to give you the connectivity you want during your drive. Move from a bench seat in the middle row to captain’s chairs to give your passengers the comfort desired.

Excellent Safety Found in the Escalade

Add the benefits of Super Cruise to your Escalade and let this system offer you the opportunity to relax a little bit when you’re in heavy traffic. This feature is a semi-autonomous hands-free driving system that uses adaptive cruise control to allow you to take your hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals for a short period of time.

Other safety features for this SUV include a head-up display, rear camera mirror, rear cross-traffic alerts, enhanced automatic parking assist, enhanced automatic emergency braking, and reverse automatic braking.

What Will You Choose?

Are you going to bring the Hennessey team one of the 2018-2020 Cadillac Escalade models to have the HPE650 package added to it so that you can have one of the most powerful Escalades on the road, or will you head to your local dealer for a 2022 version of this SUV? It seems that you certainly can’t go wrong with either one of these versions of one of the most impressive full-size luxury SUVs in the market.

As for the test driver, he’s likely back behind the wheel of new Hennessey models showing off on the track to push them as hard as they can go.

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